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DC: Professionalism DC-06: Confidentiality
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DC-06-01 Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of client confidentiality in relation to nursing.
DC-06-02 Demonstrate knowledge that client information obtained as part of the nursing relationship is privileged and confidential.
DC-06-03 Demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate process of sharing client information with other health professionals / health care team.
DC-06-04 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to share client records outside the health care team with the client's consent.
DC-06-05 Demonstrate ability to maintain confidentiality while transferring client information between the health care team / health care agencies.
DC-06-06 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to maintain client confidentiality while accessing client records on file or via computerized health information technology.
DC-06-07 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to notify the appropriate personnel when client records are being accessed inappropriately.
DC-06-08 Demonstrate knowledge of legislation affecting confidentiality of client records and information.
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