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DA: Safety DA-07: Infection Control
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DA-07-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform and maintain medical asepsis and surgical asepsis.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the elements of the infectious process:          
  • the infection agent (pathogen)
  • DA-07-03
  • reservoir (growth environment)
  • DA-07-04
  • exit from reservoir
  • DA-07-05
  • method of transportation
  • DA-07-06
  • mode of entrance to the body
  • DA-07-07
  • host (another person or animal).
  •   Demonstrate ability to establish isolation procedures according to agency policy:          
  • consult infection control officer, as appropriate
  • DA-07-09
  • appropriate protection of self and client
  • DA-07-10
  • disposal of utensils, supplies, and waste
  • DA-07-11
  • appropriate isolation rooms
  • DA-07-12
  • proper handling of equipment
  • DA-07-13
  • proper signage
  • DA-07-14
  • explanation to client and family.
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