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CO: Surgical Nursing CO-06: Staples and Sutures
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to remove staples and sutures as per protocols:          
  • assess the site i.e., gaping, drainage, inflammation, signs of infection, presence of a healing line, etc.
  • CO-06-02
  • swab wound as necessary
  • CO-06-03
  • prepare the suture area
  • CO-06-04
  • apply steristrips as needed, or ordered
  • CO-06-05
  • apply appropriate dressing if needed
  • CO-06-06
  • count number of staples / sutures
  • CO-06-07
  • note client's tolerance to procedure
  • CO-06-08
  • document and report procedure and findings.
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