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CI: Ophthalmic Nursing CI-07: Administrative Support
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrates the ability to provide administrative support to Ophthalmic Program:          
  • acts as liaison between physicians and staff in the clinic
  • CI-07-02
  • interview potential employees, hires, disciplines or terminates as needed
  • CI-07-03
  • ensures all employees are oriented according to orientation guidelines
  • CI-07-04
  • ensures staffing compliment is adequate to meet Operating Room requirements
  • CI-07-05
  • completes staff performance appraisals
  • CI-07-06
  • receives sick calls and makes arrangements for staff to cover
  • CI-07-07
  • signs and controls overtime and calculates time cards bi monthly
  • CI-07-08
  • plans and conducts all staff meetings
  • CI-07-09
  • implements and monitors procedural changes
  • CI-07-10
  • ensures that procedure manual and job descriptions are updated
  • CI-07-11
  • orders new instruments and supplies as needed and keeps instruments in good condition
  • CI-07-12
  • checks accuracy of all operative reports
  • CI-07-13
  • delegates responsibilities as appropriate
  • CI-07-14
  • monitors budget
  • CI-07-15
  • prepares a quarterly report regarding program activities
  • CI-07-16
  • facilitates data and chart reviews for research purposes
  • CI-07-17
  • facilitates ongoing continuing education for staff.
  •   Demonstrates ability to provide overall supervision of clinical aspects of program:          
  • ensures communication of clinical changes to staff
  • CI-07-19
  • reviews charts pre-operatively for accuracy and completeness
  • CI-07-20
  • meets patients pre-op with the doctor, if appropriate
  • CI-07-21
  • document when client teaching is completed by physician
  • CI-07-22
  • ensure the incision placement has been determined
  • CI-07-23
  • ensures all lens powers are chosen accurately
  • CI-07-24
  • checks supplies on hand according to quota required
  • CI-07-25
  • ensure laser worksheets are prepared for calculations and signed by physician when completed.
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