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CI: Ophthalmic Nursing CI-02: Assessment and Care
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to assess the needs of the ophthalmic client:          
  • follow protocols and procedures for admission of ophthalmic client
  • CI-02-02
  • use appropriate nursing history and assessment tools to conduct health assessment of client
  • CI-02-03
  • follow agency policy in obtaining consent from client
  • CI-02-04
  • preserve client dignity throughout clinic / hospital stay.
  •   Demonstrate ability to provide nursing interventions to ophthalmic client:          
  • apply nursing knowledge to meet needs presented by client
  • CI-02-06
  • assist with diagnostic procedures
  • CI-02-07
  • explain procedures and reassure client as necessary
  • CI-02-08
  • administer ophthalmic medications as ordered, using principles of medication administration
  • CI-02-09
  • conduct appropriate procedures for preparation of the eye, as surgical site
  • CI-02-10
  • prepare client for surgical procedure
  • CI-02-11
  • provide post-operative care of client following physician orders and protocols
  • CI-02-12
  • reinforce discharge teaching and prepare client for discharge from clinic / hospital
  • CI-02-13
  • discharge client per anesthesiologist order.
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