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CH: Occupational Health Nursing CH-02: Nursing Process
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to apply nursing knowledge and nursing process in occupational health and safety environment:          
  • ensure that medical directives and nursing protocols are available and current
  • CH-02-02
  • utilize health assessment skills to evaluate ill or injured workers
  • CH-02-03
  • interpret data and establish priorities of care
  • CH-02-04
  • provide nursing interventions to minimize effects of illness, injury, or disability to promote early return to work
  • CH-02-05
  • refer ill or injured workers to appropriate community resources
  • CH-02-06
  • provide one-to-one education
  • CH-02-07
  • ensure continuity of care
  • CH-02-08
  • provide follow-up and evaluation of treatment
  • CH-02-09
  • identify causes of and / or trends in occupational injury / illness and make recommendations for control.
  •   Demonstrate ability to perform specific health screening and assessment tests:          
  • assess visual acuity
  • CH-02-11
  • perform audiometric testing
  • CH-02-12
  • perform pre-employment and placement assessment
  • CH-02-13
  • perform post accident assessment including reasonable cause
  • CH-02-14
  • perform spirometry and pulmonary function testing
  • CH-02-15
  • identify potential ergonomic problems
  • CH-02-16
  • provide immunizations as necessary
  • CH-02-17
  • provide surveillance for designated substances.
  •   Demonstrate ability to perform client referral:          
  • access available resources
  • CH-02-19
  • arrange for appropriate transfer
  • CH-02-20
  • process forms for referral to a variety of disciplines and agencies
  • CH-02-21
  • arrange for client information to be communicated to referral agency
  • CH-02-22
  • maintain medical confidentiality appropriately throughout referral process.
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