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CF: Mental Health Nursing CF-04: Suicide
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to recognize and understand the warning signs of suicide in all ages of clients such as:          
  • call to crisis line
  • CF-04-02
  • change of personality
  • CF-04-03
  • change of routine
  • CF-04-04
  • family history
  • CF-04-05
  • identification of a suicide plan
  • CF-04-06
  • increase in psychosomatic illness
  • CF-04-07
  • medication misuse
  • CF-04-08
  • past history
  • CF-04-09
  • sleep and eating patterns
  • CF-04-10
  • suicidal ideologies
  • CF-04-11
  • suicidal note.
  • CF-04-12 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to intervene immediately with suicidal client as appropriate.
      Demonstrate ability to educate family members to cope with client's behaviour and feelings:          
  • observe interactions
  • CF-04-14
  • teach effective response
  • CF-04-15
  • document findings
  • CF-04-16
  • participate in family conference
  • CF-04-17
  • provide information.
  • CF-04-18 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide constant observation for suicide prevention as appropriate.
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