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CF: Mental Health Nursing CF-02: Aggressive Behaviour
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CF-02-01 Demonstrate critical thinking and clinical judgment in monitoring and managing all types of aggressive behaviour.
CF-02-02 Demonstrate knowledge of facility policies regarding aggressive behaviour.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply self protection / prevention techniques such as:          
  • respect for personal space
  • CF-02-04
  • flexibility
  • CF-02-05
  • distance
  • CF-02-06
  • teamwork
  • CF-02-07
  • distraction techniques.
  • CF-02-08 Demonstrate ability to ensure safety of other clients, self, and colleagues as appropriate.
    CF-02-09 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess level of anxiety and recognize progression to agitation and aggression.
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize agitated behaviour rating scale used by agency such as:          
  • absent – the behaviour is not present
  • CF-02-11
  • present to a slight degree – does not prevent other appropriate behaviour
  • CF-02-12
  • present to a moderate degree – benefits from cueing to appropriate behaviour
  • CF-02-13
  • present to an extreme degree – external cueing or redirection not effective.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to be aware of factors contributing to aggressive behaviour:          
  • psychosocial factors
  • CF-02-15
  • environmental factors
  • CF-02-16
  • pharmacological factors
  • CF-02-17
  • caregiver factors.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to respond appropriately to prevent and manage aggression:          
  • decrease noise
  • CF-02-19
  • effective and appropriate verbal and non verbal communication
  • CF-02-20
  • reduce stimuli
  • CF-02-21
  • isolate client, as appropriate.
  • CF-02-22 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to respond appropriately to client who is making threats with an object or a weapon.
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide post incident management:          
  • support of clients
  • CF-02-24
  • support of caregiver and colleagues
  • CF-02-25
  • collaborate with the health care team.
  • CF-02-26 Demonstrate ability to document and report observations as appropriate.
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