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CE: Maternal / Newborn Nursing CE-08: Postnatal / Post-Operative Care
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CE-08-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide post-operative / postpartum care following return from OR / Recovery room.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to complete ongoing assessments during postpartum period and report any changes or abnormalities:          
  • bowel functions
  • CE-08-03
  • catheter care – voiding post catheter removal
  • CE-08-04
  • firmness and position of fundus
  • CE-08-05
  • incision care / dressing changes
  • CE-08-06
  • infusion therapy / intake and output
  • CE-08-07
  • lochia – amount and odor
  • CE-08-08
  • nutritional requirements when breast feeding
  • CE-08-09
  • pain in breasts, uterus, incision, perineum or legs
  • CE-08-10
  • perineum – episiotomy / hemorrhoids
  • CE-08-11
  • post epidural protocols
  • CE-08-12
  • redness, swelling, pain in back of legs
  • CE-08-13
  • vital signs.
  • CE-08-14 Demonstrate ability to safely use equipment needed in postpartum care.
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