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CE: Maternal / Newborn Nursing CE-05: Neonatal Resuscitation
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CE-05-01 Demonstrate knowledge of infant anatomy and physiology.
CE-05-02 Demonstrate knowledge of pathophysiology of asphyxia and apnea.
CE-05-03 Demonstrate knowledge of the ABCs of resuscitation.
CE-05-04 Demonstrate knowledge of assessing the infant, i.e. respiratory effort, heart rate and color.
CE-05-05 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide tactile stimulation.
CE-05-06 Demonstrate knowledge of importance of warmth and dryness.
CE-05-07 Demonstrate knowledge of initial steps in resuscitation.
  Demonstrate knowledge of use of equipment:          
  • anesthesia bag
  • CE-05-09
  • bulb suction
  • CE-05-10
  • mask
  • CE-05-11
  • resuscitation bag
  • CE-05-12
  • self inflating bag
  • CE-05-13
  • suctioning devices
  • CE-05-14
  • wall suction.
  • CE-05-15 Demonstrate knowledge of ventilating the infant.
    CE-05-16 Demonstrate ability to assist with basic neonatal resuscitation.
    CE-05-17 Demonstrate ability to assist in endotracheal intubation as per institutional policy.
    CE-05-18 Demonstrate ability to document procedure, nursing actions, and client response.
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