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CE: Maternal / Newborn Nursing CE-03: Managing Labour
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to assist authorized professional during management of labour:          
  • apply external fetal heart monitor
  • CE-03-02
  • assist with ongoing monitoring throughout labour
  • CE-03-03
  • provide care to labouring client
  • CE-03-04
  • report and document as required.
  •   Demonstrate ability to test appropriate specimens during labour such as:          
  • glucometer
  • CE-03-06
  • urine
  • CE-03-07
  • amniotic fluids using litmus paper / kits.
  •   Demonstrate ability to assist authorized professional with invasive procedures such as:          
  • vaginal exams
  • CE-03-09
  • artificial rupture of membranes
  • CE-03-10
  • insertion of internal mode fetal monitoring
  • CE-03-11
  • epidural anesthesia / analgesia
  • CE-03-12
  • induction
  • CE-03-13
  • obtaining consents if applicable.
  • CE-03-14 Demonstrate ability to use non-pharmacological techniques to assist client in managing pain during labour and delivery.
    CE-03-15 Demonstrate ability to administer medications to client in labour as per agency policy.
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