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CD: Gerontology Nursing CD-05: Safety Procedures
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CD-05-01 Demonstrate ability to provide a safe environment.
CD-05-02 Demonstrate ability to respect the client's and family's wishes within the parameters of safety.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to implement alternatives to create a safer environment for client such as:          
  • non-skid shoes or socks
  • CD-05-04
  • motion detectors
  • CD-05-05
  • low rise beds
  • CD-05-06
  • hip protectors.
  • CD-05-07 Demonstrate ability to adhere to agency policy and legislation.
    CD-05-08 Demonstrate ability to document client behaviour, treatment, safety precautions, risk issues, and client response.
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