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CC: Emergency Nursing CC-02: Priority Needs Identification
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to collaborate within health team and contribute to client assessment:          
  • perform rapid primary initial assessment
  • CC-02-02
  • perform secondary assessment that relates to clients overall health status
  • CC-02-03
  • obtain relevant health history
  • CC-02-04
  • recognize individuals at risk for self harm and or harm to others
  • CC-02-05
  • assess need for precautionary measures
  • CC-02-06
  • follow isolation techniques
  • CC-02-07
  • ensure client confidentiality and privacy within limits of environment
  • CC-02-08
  • describe symptoms
  • CC-02-09
  • pain assessment
  • CC-02-10
  • participate in the triage and screening of clients
  • CC-02-11
  • record findings and report to health team.
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