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CA: Clinic-Based Nursing CA-06: Ear Syringing
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CA-06-01 Demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy of the ear.
CA-06-02 Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose for the ear syringing.
  Demonstrate the ability to perform ear syringing:          
  • check physicians order or protocol
  • CA-06-04
  • prepare supplies explain procedure to the client
  • CA-06-05
  • prepare and position client
  • CA-06-06
  • position drainage basin appropriately
  • CA-06-07
  • cleanse outer aspects of ear as necessary position ear canal to straighten the auditory canal by pulling the pinna
  • CA-06-08
  • insert fluid appropriately
  • CA-06-09
  • do not occlude auditory canal with the irrigating nozzle
  • CA-06-10
  • have client lie on side of affected ear using absorbent pad if necessary
  • CA-06-11
  • document irrigation, appearance of drainage and clients response.
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