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BE: Respiratory Care BE-03: Suctioning
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BE-03-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess and perform suctioning as per agency policy.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to use suction equipment:          
  • appropriate size and lumen of suction catheters
  • BE-03-03
  • appropriate suction pressure
  • BE-03-04
  • bulb suction of newborn
  • BE-03-05
  • portable suction
  • BE-03-06
  • suctioning of infant and newborn
  • BE-03-07
  • wall suction
  • BE-03-08
  • younker suction.
  •   Demonstrate ability to perform suctioning considering the need for deep and shallow suction:          
  • frequency of suctioning
  • BE-03-10
  • nasopharyngeal suctioning
  • BE-03-11
  • oral suctioning
  • BE-03-12
  • oropharyngeal suctioning
  • BE-03-13
  • tracheostomy tube suctioning.
  • BE-03-14 Demonstrate ability to maintain suctioning equipment.
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