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BD: Medications BD-13: Professional Accountability
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BD-13-01 Demonstrate ability to accept full responsibility and accountability for own actions in the preparation and administration of medications.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to adhere to the standard of the "rights" of medication administration:          
  • right medication
  • BD-13-03
  • right dose
  • BD-13-04
  • right route
  • BD-13-05
  • right time
  • BD-13-06
  • right client
  • BD-13-07
  • right reason
  • BD-13-08
  • right documentation
  • BD-13-09
  • right to refuse.
  • BD-13-10 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify and acknowledge a medication error immediately upon discovery and report appropriately to allow for timely intervention.
    BD-13-11 Demonstrate ability to document and complete incident / occurrence report as appropriate.
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