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BD: Medications BD-08: Injections
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BD-08-01 Demonstrate ability to properly prepare medication for injection.
BD-08-02 Demonstrate ability to repeat the check of the medication name, dose, time and route of administration, and expiration date.
BD-08-03 Demonstrate ability to double check selected medications with another nurse prior to administration according to agency policy and protocol.
BD-08-04 Demonstrate ability to identify client by checking identification number and name.
BD-08-05 Demonstrate ability to explain steps of the procedure and the pertinent information regarding the medication to the client.
  Demonstrate ability to prepare the environment for administering the injection:          
  • ensure privacy
  • BD-08-07
  • position client
  • BD-08-08
  • follow aseptic technique
  • BD-08-09
  • secure client appropriately.
  • BD-08-10 Demonstrate ability to select and landmark site for injection.
      Demonstrate ability to use proper technique to administer injection:          
  • subcutaneous
  • BD-08-12
  • intradermal
  • BD-08-13
  • intramuscular
  • BD-08-14
  • intravenous.
  • BD-08-15 Demonstrate ability to dispose of sharps, used equipment, and supplies.
    BD-08-16 Demonstrate ability to record the medication administration and client's response.
    BD-08-17 Demonstrate ability to document and report effects from medication appropriately.
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