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BD: Medications BD-04: Resources and Information
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to access appropriate resources for information on medication such as:          
  • Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialists (CPS)
  • BD-04-02
  • Nursing Drug Handbook
  • BD-04-03
  • Nursing Drug Reference
  • BD-04-04
  • Formulary
  • BD-04-05
  • Computerized Medication System
  • BD-04-06
  • Pharmaceutical Information Network
  • BD-04-07
  • Pharmacy Department.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify the types of information to be researched about a medication prior to administration:          
  • appropriateness of medication for client
  • BD-04-09
  • action of medication
  • BD-04-10
  • safe dosage range
  • BD-04-11
  • routes
  • BD-04-12
  • side effects and adverse effects of the medication
  • BD-04-13
  • special precautions or examinations required pre and post administration
  • BD-04-14
  • identification of allergies
  • BD-04-15
  • nursing implications.
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