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BD: Medications BD-02: Client Assessment
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BD-02-01 Demonstrate ability to assess the client's need for and potential response to medication by researching the client's record and observing client's behavior.
  Demonstrate ability to review the pertinent information regarding client prior to preparing the medication such as:          
  • diagnosis, history, co-morbidities, and contraindications
  • BD-02-03
  • history of allergies
  • BD-02-04
  • medication history
  • BD-02-05
  • age, weight, and dietary history
  • BD-02-06
  • current clinical condition and cognitive status
  • BD-02-07
  • level of knowledge regarding medication
  • BD-02-08
  • client's learning needs.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess the appropriateness of the route of medication administration for the client such as:          
  • ability to swallow
  • BD-02-10
  • level of consciousness
  • BD-02-11
  • age
  • BD-02-12
  • body build
  • BD-02-13
  • muscle size
  • BD-02-14
  • skin condition
  • BD-02-15
  • weight.
  • BD-02-16 Demonstrate ability to identify risk factors and contraindications to the medication and report appropriately.
    BD-02-17 Demonstrate ability to document assessment and nursing actions related to risk factors.
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