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BB: Immunization BB-05: Agents Preparation
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BB-05-01 Demonstrate ability to perform critical elements to ensure safety in the preparation and administration of immunizing / biological agent.
BB-05-02 Demonstrate ability to check for the correct name and expiration date of the immunizing / biological agent.
BB-05-03 Demonstrate ability to properly prepare immunizing / biological agent for injection.
BB-05-04 Demonstrate ability to use proper technique to draw immunizing / biological agent from vial or ampoule.
BB-05-05 Demonstrate ability to maintain asepsis in changing needle to appropriate size for injection into client.
BB-05-06 Demonstrate ability to properly label multi-dose vials.
BB-05-07 Demonstrate ability to properly dispose of sharps and to store or discard unused medication.
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