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BB: Immunization BB-02: Immunizing / Biological Agents
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BB-02-01 Demonstrate knowledge of the action, purpose, uses and nature of common immunizing / biological agents.
BB-02-02 Demonstrate ability to identify the factors which affect the action of immunizing / biological agents.
BB-02-03 Demonstrate ability to identify side effects, adverse affects, and contraindications of common immunizing / biological agents, and report appropriately.
BB-02-04 Demonstrate ability to adhere to the legal responsibilities, policy, procedure, and scope of practice in the preparation and administration of immunizing / biological agents.
BB-02-05 Demonstrate ability to adhere to the standard of the "rights" for administering medications.
BB-02-06 Demonstrate ability to maintain the cold chain in the transportation and storage of immunizing / biological agents.
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