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BA: Dialysis BA-03: Dialysis Treatment
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to initiate, monitor, and discontinue a dialysis treatment:          
  • auscultate lungs prn
  • BA-03-02
  • perform venipuncture
  • BA-03-03
  • recognize excessive weight gain and know limitations for fluid removal
  • BA-03-04
  • calculate and adjust fluid removal
  • BA-03-05
  • assess and correct access difficulties
  • BA-03-06
  • assess needling problems
  • BA-03-07
  • maintain medical asepsis
  • BA-03-08
  • draw blood from access sites – collect, label, send specimens
  • BA-03-09
  • monitor vital signs
  • BA-03-10
  • respond appropriately to unusual symptoms or emergencies, i.e., hypotension, unresponsiveness, confusion, cramping
  • BA-03-11
  • control bleeding from patient's access site
  • BA-03-12
  • note clotting time
  • BA-03-13
  • document and report to team leader
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to understand the mechanics of dialysis and related equipment:          
  • initiate equipment repairs and maintenance
  • BA-03-15
  • conductivity and pH meters
  • BA-03-16
  • glucometers
  • BA-03-17
  • assemble or assist with assembling equipment, including hemo-dialysis machines
  • BA-03-18
  • recognize alarm conditions
  • BA-03-19
  • order supplies
  • BA-03-20
  • adhere to safety measurese
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