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AC: Nursing Practice AC-02: Clinical Judgment
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AC-02-01 Demonstrate knowledge of how clinical judgment and decision-making processes guide thoughts, behaviours, and relations with others.
AC-02-02 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess the potential for inaccurate judgments and decisions.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize best practice in clinical judgment and decision making:          
  • clearly identify the issue
  • AC-02-04
  • reflect on prior knowledge, experience, and intuition when considering the current issue
  • AC-02-05
  • generate a set of alternatives to address the issue
  • AC-02-06
  • select appropriate alternatives based on effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and feasibility
  • AC-02-07
  • establish a plan to implement the solution, including goals, outcomes, and evaluation measures
  • AC-02-08
  • implement the plan
  • AC-02-09
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the process and assess outcomes
  • AC-02-10
  • suggest alternatives to policy and procedure of the agency to prevent or manage future issues.
  • AC-02-11 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to involve key stakeholders throughout the decision-making process, as necessary and as appropriate.
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