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AA: Nursing Knowledge AA-03: Pathophysiology
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AA-03-01 Define pathophysiology as the science of disease processes within the human body.
  Identify and describe pathophysiological processes:          
  • etiology (cause of disease)
  • AA-03-03
  • pathophysiology (disease process)
  • AA-03-04
  • manifestations (signs and symptoms)
  • AA-03-05
  • complications
  • AA-03-06
  • chronic versus acute conditions / disorders
  • AA-03-07 Describe common health problems for all body systems.
    AA-03-08 Identify the etiology, pathophysiology, and common complications of common health problems.
      Describe common body responses to disease:          
  • cellular / tissue / organ / system level
  • AA-03-10
  • immunity
  • AA-03-11
  • inflammation
  • AA-03-12
  • stress
  • AA-03-13
  • carcinogenesis
  • AA-03-14
  • genetic
  • AA-03-15
  • psychological
  • AA-03-16 Describe the processes of inflammation, infection, and healing.
      Explain the common types of trauma:          
  • fractures
  • AA-03-18
  • haemorrhage
  • AA-03-19
  • shock
  • AA-03-20
  • burns
  • AA-03-21
  • neurological
  • AA-03-22
  • respiratory
  • AA-03-23
  • psychological
  • AA-03-24
  • surgical
  • AA-03-25
  • multisystem failure
  • AA-03-26 Describe the etiology and medical treatment of common mental disorders.
    AA-03-27 Describe the common referral agencies and resources for mental health.
    AA-03-28 Explain common medical management in relation to pharmacology, surgery, anaesthesia, and treatments.
    AA-03-29 Apply the nursing process to the care of clients with common health problems.
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