Nursing Tests and Quizzes

Welcome to the Learning Nurse Test and Quiz Center. We have created 163 free online nursing quizzes with 11,427 questions for the professional nurse to assess / test / refresh her knowledge and competence. We use several sophisticated test / quiz delivery and tracking software packages to research and better understand how quizzes can be used for competency assessment, learning and professional development planning.

TestingThere are 2 sections to the Learning Nurse Test and Quiz Center:

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We plan to keep on expanding our inventory of tests and quizzes. We welcome your input and sugestions as to topics for which we should develop nursing tests.

Uses of Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes can be used as part of a continuing education / professional development program in six different ways:

1. Self assessment: Tests can help you determine what you know and what you don't know! Taking one of the self-assessment tests in a competency area can help you with your self-assessment process and preparing your learning plan.

2. Challenge exams: By taking a challenge exam in a particular competency area, you can demonstrate that you have (or don't have) the necessary knowledge and skills. If you pass the exam, then it is unnecessary to take the course or do the learning module.

3. Lesson feedback: Tests and quizzes can be used in learning modules to provide you feedback on how well you understood the content and concepts. If you did poorly on the quiz, you need to redo the e-Learning course or tutorial.

4. Discovery learning: Research has shown that asking questions and providing feedback is a more effective learning strategy than just presenting information to the learner. Therefore, our tests and quizzes can be used as a learning tool to refresh and/or update your knowledge.

5. Learning evaluation: Tests can be used at the end of learning module to demonstrate to you and the college / association / employer that you have acquired the necessary knowledge related to that competency. You may need to pass your final exam to receive your program credits that you record in your learning plan.

6. Compliance testing: Some organizations require that their employees prove that they still have the knowledge and skills in certain critical areas. Instead of making these employees sit through a re-certification course each year, tests can be used to demonstrate that they still have the necessary competencies.